About the Chef

Christina Marie is a pastry artiste who has been honing her craft from coast to coast and gathering flavor ideas the world over. She fell in love with the meticulous and beautiful art of baking while making hand-cut sugar cookies as a child in her mother’s kitchen. This love only solidified while living in a tiny village in France where she spent her days knitting and cooking up a storm with her house-maman, Françoise. She has since worked in restaurants on both the East and West coasts, made wedding cakes all over the country, and worked under William Werner and Angela Pinkerton at Craftsman & Wolves in San Francisco. 

Black Pearl Tarts are a reflection of who Christina is and the places she has been. Seasonally-inspired tarts with unique twists stem from years living amidst the glorious food culture in San Francisco. Sophisticated designs and meticulous garnishing are a testament to her time in Washington, D.C. From hibiscus to tahini to lemongrass, her little silver notebook is filled with flavor ideas inspired by her world travels. She isn’t sure where her love for hospitality came from, but it is in every heartbeat.